1st November 2017.

​Latest Product Road Map, Desktop And Mobile Base Campus Management System. Easy And Fast To Implement, LITE Version Targeted For Institution With 1000 Students And Below.

GoMyHostel - Complete Hostel And Hotel Management Software, With Mobile Occupant/Resident Apps, Online Payment Gateway and Complete Back Office Modules To Manage Your Hostel's Daily Operations.


GoMyHR - A Simple And Easy To Use Human Resources Profile , E-Leave, E-claims, Calendar , Promotion Records, Leave Management and others.. 

GoMyCampus - Enterprise University Management Software, With 20+ Modules, Addressed All Your Institution's Daily Needs. Only A Few Similar Solutions In The World. Targeted For Institution With Minimum 3000 Students And Above.



GoMySupport - A CRM Support Software Runs On Both Desktop And Mobile Apps, Allowed Your Customers To Report Issues, New Request And Service Monitoring, Mobile Apps For Service Engineer To Update Job's Status.


GoMyStudy - The CRM Designed For Education Industry, With Public Portal For Searching Apply Online For Individual Universities / Schools. Complete CRM Processes For Education Institution.